Anthony Vincent – Musician – Songwriter – Performer – Instrumentalist

Multi instrumentalist, classical new age composer & songwriter. known for creating the song “I Believe” for a Discovery Channel documentary titled “History of the chopper” starring Jesse James from Monster garage which aired in many different countries around the world. Anthony is currently working on Acoustical and orchestral theme music. Formally Known as the lead vocalist, guitarist of the rock band Defying Silence formed in 1999 – 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio. Promotional efforts of Defying Silence stopped some time after 2009 because a different band started using the name. In 2010 Anthony relocated to the Tampa Florida area working with a network of legal professionals.

Anthony’s first instruments were drums and guitar in his early teens, and then later found himself practicing vocals to his favorite bands. In his late teens he turned to keyboards and bass for recording purposes but found a calling, a passion for creating original keyboard instrumentals. Anthony is musically diverse in every way, and it certainly can be heard in his original music creations ranging from Rock, Acoustical, Orchestral New Age and Heavy Metal.